As part of our efforts to strengthen capacity to apply research evidence in educational policy and practice, CEP offers tailored trainings for educational institutions and decision makers both at the level of pre-university and higher education. 

Through our trainings we seek to strengthen capacities of educational institutions and decision makers to respond effectively to the challenges education systems of face today, by equipping them with tools necessary for informing their policies and practice with evidence.

Our trainings particularly target the following actors:

These can include, inter alia, ministers and their deputies, advisers to ministers, secretary generals, officials and officers, regional and local authorities' officials, school directors, rectors, vice-rectors, managers, secretary generals, board members, advisory staff, student support officers, international relations officers, mobility officers, and all those whose role is relevant in strengthening the role is relevant in strengthening the role of evidence in policy making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at national, regional, local, and institutional leves.

Each training combines input provision by CEP and interactive workshop in which the participants are led through the content from simpler to complex, starting with more familiar concepts and moving towards less familiar, while keeping the discussions and activities within their specific context.

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