Our library is a collection of more than 2.000 reference books on sociology, economics, governance and other areas of education policy, research methods, as well as other relevant topics. Most books are either in English or Serbian, with a number of titles in other languages. The library can be browsed through the online catalogue on this page.

If you have a specific enquiry about the library or you wish to use it, please send an email to

Title Author Publication year In stock
Universities and the Media Umberto Eco
Peter Scott
Xavier Mas de Xaxàs
Francesca D'Ingianna
2005 Yes
Universities Project 2000 Yes
Universities Project 2000 Yes
Universities Project 2002 Yes
Universities Project 2002 Yes
Universities' Quality Development Arild Tjeldvoli
May Britt Postholm
2006 Yes
University and Youth on the Balkans 2000 Yes
University Dynamics and European Integration Peter Maassen
Johan P. Olsen
2007 Yes
University of Rijeka Elvira Marinković Škomrlj Yes
University Reform Today Andrei Marga 2001 Yes
Univerzitet Crne Gore 2004 Yes
Univerzitet Crne Gore 2006 Yes
Univerzitet na tržištu Derek Bok 2005 Yes
Univerzitet na tržištu Derek Bok 2005 Yes
Univerzitet na tržištu Vladimir Katić 2013 Yes
Univerzitet u Beogradu Dejan Popović 2005 Yes
Univerzitet u Beogradu Mr Silvia Zdravković Yes
Univerzitet u Kragujevcu Prof. dr Snežana Marinković 2012 Yes
Univerzitet u Srbiji Dr Vladimir N. Cvetković 1998 Yes
Univerzitet umetnosti u Beogradu Svetozar Rapajić 1998 Yes
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